Introduction Definition Purpose

I make no pretense of being a polymath, in fact I am not a specialist or expert in any field of human endeavor, I am not even particularly bright. Simply, I have coined(1) the term polyhistornaut to describe you and I; curious modern cosmopolitans with access to all of human knowledge at our fingertips. The term seems technically accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

polyhistor: from the ancient Greek πολυί̈στωρ (polyhistōr, “greatly learned”).
1. someone gifted or learned in multiple disciplines. A polymath or renaissance man.
2. a universal thinker (generally used to describe such a person when the term philosophy referred to the entire sum of human knowledge; i.e. generally from the ancient Greeks into the eighteenth century).

-naut: from the ancient Greek ναύτης (naútēs, “sailor”).
noun: suffix:
1. a voyager, farer, or tripper. is to act as a soap-box, from which I may report, synthesize and discuss various topics of personal interest.

(1) At the time of writing, no result was returned for the queried term “polyhistornaut”, in searches of:


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